Welcome to the companion site of the Facebook group, Kolkata Street Dogs.

You’ll find a lot of useful information on many of the most frequent questions and topics discussed in the Facebook group, including emergency response, first aid, vets, vet pharmacies, the law, and much more besides.

Look around the site so you know what’s where when you need it.

Please let us know if anything is incorrect or missing.

We’re not an NGO, and we don’t ask for or accept donations. We’re just a community of people who like street dogs and do what we can to improve the quality of their lives.

The objective of this site and of the KSD Facebook group is an improvement in the lives of streets dogs and cats in Kolkata. To achieve that, we will raise understanding and awareness, increase a sense of community value in street dogs and promote responses to their needs. 

The hope is that it will encourage a new generation of Calcuttans to think about and care for street dogs and cats, from whose number someone or something special may emerge…

There’s something unique about street dogs that has the capacity to attract and repel in equal measure. For some people, it’s the dirt, the fear of disease and of getting bitten that is terminally distasteful. But for others, attraction and bonding come more easily, because they recognise the same characteristics in a street dogs as in any pet dog: loyalty, love and a generally cheerful, welcoming disposition. Perhaps it’s a sense of injustice over their living conditions, over the way they are perceived and treated, over the high risk of disease, malnutrition and traffic injury or death that explains why some people can and do go to great lengths to care for street dogs? Perhaps it’s a recognition of the vulnerability of the innocent to the dangers of a world they do not understand that taps into the innate human desire to protect? Whatever it is, the members of our Facebook group and others clearly reflect a remarkable extent and depth of interest in the well-being of street dogs in Kolkata.

Please join us in a Kolkata-wide effort to make things a bit better for our great city’s marvellous, mischievous street dogs.

Tell your friends about this site. Get them talking and thinking about street dogs.

Join our Facebook group.

Make a personal commitment to look after one street dog near you – regularly check that they’re all right, and give them some food or a biscuit now and then.

But why do this, asks the cynical voice. Why bother? You’ll never change anything.

We’ve all seen in recent years that when enough people commit themselves to a cause, they can and do create change. A civilised city does what it can to look after all its inhabitants, including the canine population. And a healthy, happy street dog population not only reflects well on the neighbourhood, it has significant implications for the appearance and overall welfare and hygiene of the city’s roads and public spaces.

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9 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Love is just a four legged word. And to express your love, concern, or inform about any incident about these Street angels this site will help you a lot. Thanks to Tom and Sudeshna for their efforts to create a platform for us who work for these wonderful creation of God.


  2. Nicely articulated considering the canines in the city. Apart from very few who are looked upon by some cynophiles, rest spend their daily life as a battle for to eat & live. This site would help us to share our views and unite the effort for welfare of Kolkata dogs.

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  3. I’ve been going thrugh the pages and different sections of the website. There’s not a single thing which is not covered within the limitations of this website. Every possible thing which I can think of is present here. From laws to vet procedures to warnings about not posting names of medicine if one is not vet certified. Vet clinicks their contact details everything. This is really a good initiative apart from it’s sibling facebook group. Technicalities can not be explained in facebook. Here, we do have technical details about everything which relates to strays (also street born cats). However one thing I can suggest. Though I have no such knowledge of it. Are there people in kolkata and in nearby town who can keep old weak or handicapped strays. Not for treatment. Just a homely shelter. Cause NGOs and vet hospitals cannot keep a dog or cat for a never ending period. Once a dog or cat is cured but there’s a potential threat that he/she is not fit for road then whats the point of the treatment. Are their people who can give them shelter may be for a montly fee basis.. that’s all there is. Nevertheless,this website has made it’s place in my bookmarks. Kudos to Team Kolkata Street Dogs and Tom Woodhatch.😀

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  4. A dog in my locality is seriously ill. I need help for that stray baby to save his life. I live at Uttarpara, Hooghly. Can anybody help me to catch him (he is actually very afraid of people and neither I know the techniques of catching a dog nor do I have its equipments) and go to the doctor? It’s urgent. Please, help me.


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