What to do when a street dog is sick?

If the dog is in your home:
Take it to your local vet.

If the dog is on the road:
Try and take it to your local vet
Contact your local councillor or local animal welfare NGO or activist for advice and help

If you can get no help from any of these, contact KMC direct.
Control Room Tel: 033 2286 1212-4 (24 hours a day)
Help Line 033 2226 9909; 155360; (toll-free) 18003453375 (Mon-Fri: 1000-1800; Sat: 1000-1700)

Kolkata has one veterinary hospital, which has a 24-hour clinic for emergencies:
West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences,
Kshudiram Bose Road,
Kolkata 700 037
Tel: 033 2556 3123

This can be useful not just for traffic accidents, but if, for example, the dog needs an emergency caesarian section at 3 o’clock in the morning.

Directions to the veterinary hospital
From the south: Head north up Central Ave. Continue past Sova Bazaar Metro Station to the Swami Vivekenanda statue, where you turn right onto Bhupendra Bose Ave. Continue straight along here, over the canal, past RG Kar Hospital (on your left) and then over the railway bridge. The veterinary hospital is just beyond Belgachia Metro Station, on your right.

From the north: From the airport (Dum Dum), get onto Jessore Road heading south. Continue along here, over the Nagerbazaar Flyover. The road bends to the right, you cross a railway line, and the hospital is soon on your left. (If you reach Belgachia Metro Station or RG Kar Hospital, you’ve gone too far – turn around and go back.)

What to do when a street dog has a traffic accident?

In addition to the above:

Be careful, because the dog may bite.

A traumatised dog should be handled with care, and will usually require professional help.

If possible, take the injured animal to the nearest good vet, or ask the vet to come and attend. If that is not possible, ask for help at the nearest thana, or from a local animal welfare NGO or activist.

Do not delay. Prompt action may be the difference between life and death for the dog.

What to do when a dog dies?

Unfortunately, Kolkata does not yet have a pet crematorium. There are reports of plans to establish one.

The city’s main pet burial ground is a long way south of the city. Set among fields beyond Thakurpukur Bazaar, the Nikhil Bango Kalyan Samity Pet Burial Ground offers burial plots for deceased pets. In early 2018, the charge was Rs1,200 for the first six months, with another tariff applicable thereafter. The address is:

Samali Manshatalla,
Bankrahat Road,
Kolkata 700 104
South 24-Parganas
(Near Thakurpukur Bazar, Dream Engineering College)

Tel: 9830168739, 9831385640

The burial ground is open 24 hours a day. If you are considering going there late at night, be aware that it is located in a fairly isolated area, so you may feel safer waiting until early the following morning. If you can, take someone with you.

Get on to Diamond Harbour Road (NH12) and head south, through and beyond Behala. Turn right at Thakurpukur Bazaar on the intersection with Bankrahat Road. Follow Bankrahat Road for about 7 km, when the burial ground will be on your left.

(The Belgachia animal hospital also has an area set aside for animal burials.)

Brief guide to First Aid for injured animals

This is taken from the book, First-Aid for Animals, by Gautam Grover and Maneka Gandhi. It was published in 1996 so it’s a bit dated, but costs just Rs100 and you can buy it from Sterling Publishers (Tel: 011 26387070), and from Amazon here.

Emergency Procedure

When you come across an accident or an animal in severe distress, immediately proceed with the basic emergency drill:

If breathing appears to have stopped completely, check for a heartbeat.

Normal heartbeat can be felt by placing the fingertips on the lower part of the chest wall on the left side, just behind the front leg.

The ABC Drill

Airway – Ensure that there is nothing blocking the animal’s nasal passage. Squeeze the nasal passage with a flat palm. Blow into the nose, it helps clean the nasal passage.

Bleeding – To control bleeding, tightly press a cold compress or cloth against the wound. Repeat and bandage. If blood is bright red and pumping, it is from an artery. Apply a tourniquet above the wound. If the blood is dark red and flowing regularly, apply the tourniquet below the wound.

Collapse, Convulsions and Lack of Consciousness – Ensure the animal in place where it will not receive any further injury. Start artificial respiration. If it does not respond, try mouth to mouth respiration. Convulsions occur in cases of heat stroke, severe exhaustion and poisoning. Do not restrain an animal when it is having a spasm. Lay it on its side and ensure that it doesn’t swallow its tongue and the airway is unobstructed. Administer glucose and a warm drink orally, once the animal recovers from the fit. The vet may administer Diazepam by injection to calm the animal.

Useful Techniques

Taking the pulse: The normal pulse rate of cats is 110-140 beats/minute, and of dogs, 80-120 beats/minute. The smaller the breed, the higher the pulse. Put your index and middle finger over the artery at the point where it crosses the thigh bone on the inside of the thigh. Count the pulse rate for 10 seconds and multiply by 6.

Artificial Respiration: If possible, lay the animal on its right side, open its mouth and take out anything blocking the air passage. Pull the tongue forward. Press down firmly with both hands below the shoulder and over the ribs. Release immediately and briskly.

Mouth-to-mouth respiration: Clear the animal’s mouth of any foreign obstacles, hold it closed and blow into nostrils.

Common Problems and How to Administer First Aid

Blood in vomit – Don’t feed the animal, take it to the vet. The bleeding could be due to:

  • A foreign body like a sharp edged nail, glass etc.
  • Internal injuries
  • Nasal bleeding

Burns – Wash with plenty of cold water. Give a painkiller tablet. Cover the burnt area with a clean soft cloth, either dry or soaked in tea decoction. Keep the animal clean and warm to avoid shock. The animal must be given either plain water or water diluted with glucose. Call the vet.

Choking – If something is stuck in the throat, try to get it out with your fingers or a long spoon. Hold the tongue down with a hanky if necessary. If the animal loses consciousness, clear the throat by massaging it downwards. Open the mouth and examine for any foreign body which is causing choking. If visible and not sharp, then slowly pull out with forceps and give artificial respiration. NEVER give your dog or cat small chicken or fish bones. These are the most common causes of choking.

Heat Stroke – Increase in body temperature beyond the point of normal physiological temperature is called a heat stroke. It is due to hot weather, high humidity, inadequate ventilation, exposure to direct sunlight and overcrowding. Never leave your pet parked in a locked car in the sun or muzzle it for long durations in summer. The symptoms of a heat stroke are:

High rise in temperature.
Oral mucosa inside mouth and tongue.
Inner lips turn bright red in colour.
Red eyes.
Heavy breathing.
High pulse rate.
Extreme cases will have glassy eyes and grey lips.

First Aid

Place animal in a cool, well ventilated place or a shaded area

Give small amounts of cold water containing glucose or sugar frequently

Ice packs should be applied on the head, forehead and all over the body. If you cant get ice, apply water all over the body and cold towel compresses on the head and chest

Give cold milk to drink

Once first aid has been administered, and the animal is stable, consult a vet.

Your First Aid Kit

Nobody can fully plan for every emergency, but it always helps to be equipped with the basics. Keep a first aid kit in your house and car for when you come across a sick or injured animal. Your first-aid kit should contain:

  • Gauze bandages
  • Cotton wool, cotton rope
  • Adhesive tape
  • Dettol, Savlon
  • Scissors
  • Antiseptic, antibiotic ointment
  • Betadine lotion
  • Disposable gloves
  • Clean piece of white cloth
  • Tissue paper
  • Thermometer
  • Tincture of Benzene
  • Tincture of Iodine

Useful extras – Torch, Blanket, Old Rugs, Paper, Pencil Chains and Tape Muzzle

Skin disorders

Usually, skin disorders are manifested by itching, hair loss (alopecia) or thickened skin masses and bee sting kind of eruptions on the affected part. Wash the affected area with a mild antiseptic lotion, like Savlon. Keep the animal in a dry and clean place. Identify what kind of skin infection the animal is suffering from.


Bacterial infections – there will be oozing of pus and blood.

Fungal – there will be crust formation and blackening of skin with loss of hair

Localized and generalized lesions

Foul smell

The appearance of ringworm in the shape of circular patches of infection

Reddening of skin with severe inflammation and lesions

The first site of infection will be around the ears, eyes and forelimbs

Continuous scratching and oozing of fresh blood

Allergies and Eczema – there will be

Only reddening of area without much loss of hair

Bee sting eruptions on the affected part

First aid

If there is loss of hair, then:

Apply Gentian Violet (‘Blue Medicine’) and Gamma Benzene Hexachloride mixed in equal quantities on the affected area

Bathe the dog with Petmosol soap


There are two kinds of Mange, Demodectic and Sarcoptic. Most vets say that there is no medicine for Mange, and that the dog has to be put down. This is not true. Even dogs that have lost all their hair can be cured easily, with a combination of medication and dedication.

Clinical signs

The mites live in hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Loss of hair and thickening of skin is found.

Squamous type – Scaly wrinkled, often resembling ringworm infection, sebarrhoea (pus-filled crusty lesions on the face of the animal)
Pustules type – formation of pustules, hyper and secondary bacterial infections may develop.

First Aid

Bathe the dog once a week with Petmosol soap manufactured by ICI.
Apply Ecktodex, one teaspoon in one litre solution for 5-7 weeks.
You can alternatively apply Gamma Benzene Hexachloride solution, sold as Escabiol.

Consult the vet for further medication.

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25 thoughts on “Emergencies

  1. Hi, I need help. Here street dogs are badly effected with skin problem. Few people thinks to give them poison so other dogs not get effected. But I want to help them, I want to recover them from it. I know no one will help me. So I want your help. Please help me, if there is any NGO, who can recover them.


    1. unless you write it is difficult to know where is ‘here’. please join Kolkata Street Dogs page. also check NGO list on this website and talk to them


      1. sometimes we find same locality name for two different areas……………but they don’t mention the area……..see the last post here…..B.KPaul…….


      2. A dog named Moti has been picked up by KMC for vasectomy last week along with other dogs. Although it is a street dog, Moti is loved by many, because unlike most street dogs, Moti is way sober. He is yellow in colour with a white circle round the collar area. His one ear is drooped and doesn’t eat food unless cuddled and requested. He also responds to his name. Please return the dog. He is not a menace.
        Address: 16 C Khanpur Road, Industrial sector, Kolkata 700047.


    2. Hi, I need help. Here street dogs are badly effected with skin problem. Few people thinks to give them poison so other dogs not get effected. But I want to help them, I want to recover them from it. I know no one will help me. So I want your help. Please help me, if there


  2. I am from baranagar tobin road area , in my locality an Street dog is serious injured biting by others dog . Please help my contact number is 9038751110


  3. Hi, I am Papri Dutta I posted at Karaya Police station. I am coming from Naihati it is quite far. A dog is very much affected with skin problems. She has a small child. She needs emergency help. Please help her. It is not possible for me to help her. Please I am requested you kindly help her. I am helpless. Please brought her into her life


  4. Educate the people in your area specially the slum children making them aware of animal welfare. Do not simply depend on that one single animal activist of your area, they have their personal lives too. If not rescues but awareness should be spread by all in a locality.


  5. Today I saw an accident of street dog near B K Paul Kolkata. The dog was crying in pain. I reported to KMC just to hear the response that they don’t rescue dogs.

    It is pity to see this world so selfish. In such big traffic, no one bothers to help too 😦


  6. I need help from ur side for a stray dog of my locality whose wound is getting worse every Hour..
    I tried to wash it with savlon but its of no help to him.
    Please any sort of medical help from ur side would be of great relief to the dog..
    I stay in PURNADAS Road.


  7. Hello…There is a small puppy near Kidderpore area construction site of a new building…it was screaming badly in pain due to a condition which cannot be described here…it has got a very big swelling in the neck region just like a goitre in adults..how can i help the puppy as the locals say it is in pain from past many days and cant eat anything..


  8. I found street puppy and she’s having seizures very frequently took her to vets but no changes I am so worried she is not eating properly or sleeping she had already 3 severe seizure early and not relaxed only making weird noises my number 8679171412


  9. I am a resident of 73/1C Palm Avenue, Kolkata- 700019. A stinking andwounded street dog has become a menace in our area. Pl. do something immediately


  10. Respected sir,
    This is to inform you that, in an around surrounding of RN Das Road, stray dogs are creating disturbance.
    They sometimes bite or commits nuisance which is horrible.
    I shall be highly obliged if they you kind take necessary action as soon as possible.
    It is my request.
    Respectfully yours
    Sudipto De
    Crime Reporter
    Pledge certificate holder
    Human rights commission
    Women’s Right commission
    Vigilance commission
    Organ Donar
    Zone secretary Jagatpur Anticorruption Awareness Society (S/2L /14936)
    Address :-
    42A/7/1,R N Das Road Dhakuria kolkata-700031 West Bengal
    Ward No :- 92.


  11. Hi,
    We live in Roy Bahadur Road, Near Netaji Sporting Club, Behala, Kolkata – 700034. In the ground floor of one house in our locality, a couple of dogs & cats are kept in horrible conditions. They aren’t fed properly & the entire locality smells of bad odor due to bad care & support for the pets. Even after multiple requests for proper care & cleanliness to be maintained, the concerned family is very hostile towards everyone. They are also abusive towards their relatives who stay upstairs & are suffering from the bad conditions maintained by the family living below. Please help.

    P.S. Concerned house can be easily identified from the stench.


  12. Dear sir,
    I am Dhakuria and there some street dogs some are few months old we are at 92 ward , one of there father is ferocious some say he has been vaccinated sometimes becomes ferocious looking at other £ogs. He has given 7 babies 2 has lost 5 left these 5 has become notorious and doing mischievious things kindly pick them up from locality and help us out.


  13. Dear sir,

    There are some dangerous stray steet dogs and some from outside locality feed them and these dogs come to bite us and family members while we are out..
    Disturb us at night and their father comes _for shelter within the house any time and wants to get out of the house any time.please if helpus pick them up and throw them out of the locality ..makes area dirty and unhygenic everytime.our family cannot go out for them. Area Dhakuria. Ward no 92. Beside New Popular Drug House . Kolkata 700031.Pls help.


  14. There is a street dog died today near our house. And we want help to take his body.
    If you can help please contact in my number
    Sohom Bose.


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