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Posted by Soumik Basu on 25 March 2018


Name of dog or cat, if any: Robin

Approx age of the dog or cat: 2month

Sex of the dog or cat: Male

Background of dog or cat. Write as much as you know about the dog, e.g. why you want it to be adopted, general health condition, where it came from, etc.: 2month male robin yellow labrador retriver

Has the dog or cat been vaccinated against rabies?: No

Has the dog been vaccinated against distemper?: Yes

Has the dog or cat been dewormed?: Yes

Posted by Abhiraj Banerjee on  14 December 2017

Current status awaiting adoption

Name Snowy

Age 1 – 2 months

Background I rescused snowy from the streets. inquiry with the locals revealed that her mum died in a car hit and the whereabouts of her other siblings are unknown. I am searching for a good home for her cause its becoming hard for me to adjust her with my other 15 rescued dogs. please help me find snowy a good and caring home. she is healthy and very playful and has a few bite marks on her neck and back.


Vaccinations No

Deworming No




Posted by Urvashi Thakkar on 30 November 2017

Current status awaiting adoption

Name Tepu

Age between 8 and 10 months

Background She was born near my house, was the only surviving among the others born to her mother. She wasnt getting enough food on the streets, so we brought her home when she was 1-2 months old. She is a very healthy dog, with shiny smooth hair. We want her to be adopted as my mother has met with an accident recently and it is difficult for us now to take care of her.

Vaccinations Yes (against rabies and distemper)

Deworming Yes


Posted by Ratan Saha on 11 September 2017

Current status awaiting adoption

Name Polo

Age 3+ months

Background Vaccinated & de-wormed. Picked up by my 13 year old son when it was about 10 days old in injured condition. Treated by vet and now completely recovered. My son wants it to give someone who will really care it. We don’t have infra structure to keep it for long time.

Vaccinations Yes (against rabies)

Deworming Yes


Posted by Maria on 29 June 2017

Current status awaiting adoption

Name Choto

Age 8 months

Background Choto is an Indian Pariah Breed female dog. Found her on the street when she was only a few days old, because she was barely able to open her eyes. She was about to get run over by an incoming bike for which we took and fostered her. She is all hail and hearty now, super agile. But I don’t want to put her up in any NGO or leave her on the streets. Hence looking for a loving family to adopt and give her all the love and care she deserves. Currently, she is my place. But I am out on work for almost 16 hours and she is left all alone at home. So, I am giving her up for adoption.

Vaccinations Yes (against rabies and distemper)

Deworming Yes


Posted by Moumita Saha on 25 June 2017

Current status awaiting adoption

Name Lalu

Age 10 weeks

Background Lalu is a street dog. Few days ago I rescued him from other dogs and give him a shelter in my house. I’ll be unable to take care of after some days, because I have to go another place within some days. So I want that somebody adopt him. His health is good. He is a nice puppy.

Vaccinations No

Deworming No

Sterilisation No

Posted by Sonali Bhattacharyya on 5 December 2016

If you would like to know more about adopting these one Labrador and one Golden Retriever together, please contact Sonali Bhattacharyya.

Current status (6 December 2016) Adopted! Today both these babies got a forever loving Moulali. Siddhartha Nandi the owner of the babies had to go out of kolkata for his jobsonali-b-3 and do he posted the pics yesterday in the facebook for adoption. As I know many animal lovers in kolkata I suggested some references and among them Anita Das, was deemed fit to me as she already had a German shepherd and a Labrador, who was, looked after properly and when she told me that she wanted to adopt both of them I adviced Siddhartha Nandi to hand over the dogs to her. Today in the evening at the dogs were handed over to Anita Das of Moulali. I really feel great, to be a part, of this noble job. I really feel extreme self satisfaction Sonali B 2.jpgafter giving these babies a loving home. Let’s all of us pray for their forever happy life in their new home. May god bless, them.

Name TBA

Age 5 years and 3 years

Background It’s better if both of them gets adopted in the same family as both of them are very much closely attached to each other. If anyone is interested to adopt both of them kindly inbox me. It’s an urgent appeal for adoption as the person with whom they are staying is going out of station tomorrow in the evening and it will be better if both the babies get a good loving home by tomorrow morning as, the house where the boy is residing are inhabited by people who won’t allow them to stay, after sonali-b-1he leaves. So friends please come forward, and adopt these babies and give them a forever loving home. Interested candidates who can love them as their children and treat, them as family members kindly inbox me. Time is limited. Please respond soon and inbox me.

Vaccinations TBA

Deworming TBA

Sterilisation TBA

Posted by Smita Ray on 4 December 2016

If you would like to know more about adopting Blacky, please contact Smita Ray.

Current status awaiting adoption


Name Blacky

Age 2 months

Background Blacky had an accident in College Street on 19 November 2016. Her hip joint was dislocated and she had calcium deficiency. She is now cured. She’s under continued treatment and is being fostered at Smita Ray‘s place. This request posted in conjunction with Paul PriyankaParna Maitra, Soumita Sutra and Priya Chakraborty.

Vaccinations Will be done before adoption.

Deworming Yes

Sterilisation Will be done when it’s time.

Posted by Parama Mitra on 12 May 2017

Image may contain: dog

Current status awaiting adoption

Name NaRu a.k.a Kuttus

Age 6 months

Background Someone left her with 5 siblings in in front of our house in a sack, when she was only few days old. Before we reach them Naru has a miraculous escape from a life threatening accident, while 3 of her other siblings were spot dead and one was severely injured, when they slipped under a moving car. All of us shouted to the top of our voice and when the car stopped it was less than a mm away from crushing her leg. No more chances. We take Naru and her two sisters inside our house and looking for some families who can adopt her. Being incredibly energetic and intelligent, she every day invented new tricks to amuse us. Soon we found a family friend who wanted Naru for their lonely 10 yr old daughter. On 24th December 2016, she went to Dankuni to start a new life with the family and soon become the major attraction of the whole housing complex there. Fearlessly barking at GSDs , singing with the mouth organ, being protective of her little mistress made her a precious member of the family. But recently the little girl has been detected with some asthma and the family does not want to keep her inside their house any more and wanted her to be a normal stray within their area. It is going to be a shocker for the 6 month old pup who has never left as a “Street dog” and always be the cuddly member of a family enjoying home comfort and protection. She is vaccinated with due doses, and toilet trained. The last owner had returned Naru on this 1st May, 2017. We have accommodated her in a semi-formal creche, where she can stay till 17th May, 2017. So we are again looking for an affectionate home where she can stay as a member of the family.

Vaccinations Vaccinated against rabies and distemper

Deworming Yes

5 thoughts on “Adoption requests

    1. There’s a very cute stray puppy, female, near my home. she’s the runt of the litter and she constantly get bullied and bitten by her siblings. she desperately needs a home.


    2. Hey do you still want to adopt a dog. We desperately need a good home. If you are interested i will give you the detailed information


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