Adopt an Indie


Why adopt a street dog?

This is as good an answer as any:


Commitment for life

The most important thing to understand about adopting a street dog is that you are making a commitment to look after that dog for its whole life. If you are willing to make that commitment for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, and if you love your dog unconditionally, you will find your love and commitment repaid many times over. That ‘love interest rate’ is better than any you’ll get at a bank.

If you want to adopt a dog straight from the street, it’s probably best to wait until it’s at least one month old. That will allow it to benefit from its mother’s vital nutrition in those all-important first weeks of life. It can be hard to adequately substitute a mother’s milk.

There are some important things you must do immediately after you bring your new dog home:

De-ticking Get rid of any ticks and fleas on the dog. You can buy sprays and powders from your local pet shop or vet.

De-worming There’s a high chance that your new dog will have worms if it’s spent any time living on the street. Your local vet will advise on how and when to do this, and where you can buy the de-worming tablets.

Vaccination It’s very important to get your dog vaccinated against, for example, distemper, hepatitis, Parvo virus, leptospirosis and rabies. Your local vet will do this.

Also, it’s a good idea to take your dog to a vet early on for a general check-up, which includes a nutrition check.

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Reasons to love and adopt a street dog

  • Anita Rane Because it’s SO HARD not to!  
  • Sourojyoti Chatterjee Neri dogs are smart and cool
  • Ayan Harchowdhury 1) Very loving
    2) highly adaptive to Indian climate
    3) great for apartment living
    4) almost no health issues
    5) Intelligent
    6) extremely loyal and protective
    7) excellent watch and guard dogs.
    8) no food issues. Simple homely food more than enough.
    9) one may obtain an indie totally free of cost.
    Tell me another breed with so many qualities!!! Punch a lab/golden with a German shepherd and add a hint of doberman. Top it with a beagle/basset hound. Garnish with a Belgian malinois. You have an indie ready. Totally free of cost.
  • Ekta Gupta A dog is a dog. It doesn’t matter how dogs look. It’s the heart that counts not the fur. If you’ve ever loved a dog, you’d know how insensitive it is to objectify them into status symbols. A stray dog would love you as much as a fancy Husky or a St. Bernard would, probably even more.
  • Ruby Sarkar Because they are no less than others yet no one to take care of them. Because they struggle so hard to survive.. cuteness like that doesn’t deserve that kind of hard work. Because I grew up with them. Because I had 20 of them.. generation after generation.. as my family. Because they’re so cute, so friendly, so loyal.
  • Sanchari Chatterjee I start loving anyone whose pain I feel inside. For an indie their love n faith is no less than a breed but they are pained. They are homeless. My love is just to fill that void. I may not be able to give all a home. But just an assurance that this life of earth is not a painful journey for them.
  • Goutam Sengupta I like them because I am one myself. (Ed. – Biskoot kaben?)
  • Moitrayee Sarkar Because even though they are often looked down upon they are as loyal, lovable (and the adjectives go endlessly) like any other dog. Having a dog isn’t a fashion or an issue of status. It is about caring n loving.
    And as for convincing someone else to adopt one. Why not help someone who is living in danger in every second of their lives? And in return u get an energetic and intelligent companion for free. It is a win-win situation. Anyone smart would see the logic and the goodness behind the action.
  • Sreemoyee Nag Coz they are cute, smart, witty and strong..!! And most of it I love her anyway, no less than my GSD or Lhasa!!
  • Akash Mukhopadhyay Because they are the most neglected groups in our society and they need us
  • Titas Mukherjee Because there are less ppl to love them n more ppl to make their lives miserable..they are not street dogs at their will but because of human whims…
  • Jayati Sarkar They are gift of God……
  • Arjoyitta Das Banerjee Probably because they do not belong to the streets……
  • Suparna Sengupta Banerjee They r helpless n homeless n treated like beggars by some people…..
  • Madhumita Saha Dogs are dogs….the title street or pet cannot affect the dog lovers!!
  • Nondini Sen Rawat If a street dog chooses to befriend you … U will feel a sense of worth that will surpass most anything. I’ve been there and that faith love and trust they put in you is unparalleled
  • Manisha Chowdhury I never thought of dis thing why should I love or like Street dogs?? Puchku(bunny) comes into our life n taught d most precious n lovable thing which no one taught us that four-paws do feel everything like us.. I found each animal(baby for me) as sweet n cute like my babies.. It gives me immense satisfaction n sense of happiness while serving them.. Actually Street animals like me so do I😅😅😉…I think Street animals loves u more than anything else
  • Kasturi Saha There is certain helplessness n desire to be loved in their eyes. I can read that language. I see a pure soul in them.
  • Susanna Murmu They make me wonder how can they still dare to love humans when most of the humans treat them badly. Also I don’t know how can dogs be so tough and cute at the same time
  • Äyantika Sen Because they are no less than purebred dogs & deserve the same love/dignity/respect.
  • Mrinmoy Thakur Bcuz we love the dog not the breed
  • Arundhuti Rudra Coz they don’t have anyone ……only God and few people love them. That’s it …
  • সৌম্যদীপ গুহ Because they continue to shower unconditional love on the undeserving human species, even after being ill-treated for generations by them…
  • Ambarkumar Gupta Strangely, never interacted much with the dogs I’ve had at home, but my street friends?! As I meet each one I feel this tremendous joy, that he/she has lived one more day, and come bouncing to greet the biscuits in my hands!
  • Rajshekhar Banerjee It’s not about street dogs per se. Seeing such lovely creatures being subject to being mistreated by humans who don’t care or love animals, is heart-wrenching.
    To imagine the kind of a different life they might have enjoyed if they were fortunate to have been in a more protected and loving environment as most other pet dogs do.
    So finally what’s different between a dog in your house and a dog in the streets, not much other than circumstances right?
  • Jayati Gupta Because I love to love them…they are my anti depression buddies…one more thing I am a mother of a 5 yr old son who is having childhood autism and he has also known that they r his best buddies and he don’t call them dogs but say babies…..
  • Alakananda Bhattacharya Feel their sufferings, which is a lot, in self, thanks to my parents! They understand my pain watching their misery and no matter how little I am able to help them, the love I get in return is huge! I know they will not be able to take care of me when I may need it but nevertheless Their love fills up my senses,like night in a forest, like a mountain in spring time, like a walk in the rain etc etc …..
  • Rajat Sen They’re out on the roads, with no certainty of the next moment. A car may run over them and nobody would know. How can we sleep peacefully inside our air conditioned houses knowing there are hungry, homeless strays outside, seeking for shelter?
    Dogs are not objects that we buy for our entertainment, they are friends we make. Money can buy a dog but not the wag of its tail. Adopt a stray that actually needs shelter and it would love us like no one else in the world.
  • Mitali Mandal There r so many people to love pedigree dog but very less people love street dog……less people to look after them….. so I m there for them always
  • Tanaya Chanda Street breed doesn’t matter. I love dogs..
  • Smita Baidya Because they are the most loving but neglected creatures in India. They are equally intelligent like their other sophisticated breed counterparts and MOST IMPORTANTLY THEY DON’T NEED ANY REASON TO BE LOVED.
  • Because they are the ones I find my God in. Even in their name.
  • Bhaskar Dam Because they are most reliable than people 😉
  • Pritha Ghosh When u like & love GOD you’ll tend to be fall in love with all his creation whether its a DOG or a CAT or any other animal …. but yes there always be a special space for those who are not so fortunate to be adopted and taken personal care like a family member and when they can’t even express their pain and that’s why GOD granted a kind heart to all those who want to act on behalf of him…. whether it’s stray animal or not, love will always be there if u inculcate it in your heart…
  • Shreya Das Because they have souls too ….and their love is unconditional. They deserve much better. Just because they are not fancy enough doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be loved and yes, I want to adopt a homeless dog someday…I won’t buy a fancy breed even if I have the money to afford that, but I’ll provide a home for the neglected one
  • Kaustav Maitra I would rather ask whats the difference between a street dog and a foreign breed apart from the outer coating???
  • Ayushi De They r on streets coz they need one of us to give them a name a home… And trust me their one lick sometimes has the power to make a paralysed move them
  • Sreemoyee Nag  we need them to fill up our emptiness and meaning of life. They are on the street so that we can take blessings in form of them, which unfortunately most so called humans don’t understand or may be don’t deserve.
  • Monikuntala Roy কারন তারা খুবই অসহায় ৷
  • Sourojyoti Chatterjee Because we Bengalis are obsessed with streets.. Street food, street play, street romance, and so on… 
    Alakananda Bhattacharya Street Adda, street procession, street shopping etc etc…..