Animal ambulance

There are very few options in Kolkata for animal ambulances, and those that do exist are for the most part just a means of transport rather than offering any kind of medical assistance. The following animal ambulances have advertised their services, but there’s always the possibility that the vehicle (or driver) are out of service. Anyway, here they are.

Compassionate Crusaders’ Centre for Animal Welfare

Address: Tollygunge

Tel: 24647030/21035555

Hours: 24/24

Rates: unknown

People For Animals – Kolkata

Address: 15B, Clive Row. 1st. Floor, Calcutta- 700 001

Tel: 22104365, 22309311/2

Hours: unknown

Rates: unknown

Calcutta Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Address: 276, B B Ganguly Street, Bowbazar, Kolkata 700 012

Tel: 2236 7738, 2863 1255

Hours: unknown

Rates: unknown


Please let us know of any other animal ambulances you know of – remember to include their contact details and other relevant information. Thanks.