AWBI paper on street dogs

Here is particularly good paper about street dogs produced by AWBI. It has much valuable background information and addresses many questions frequently asked by group members. Essential reading for everyone interested in street dogs.

This is what it covers:

1 Abbreviations and Acronyms

2 Summary

3 Background: Understanding the Issue

3.1 What are street dogs?

3.2 Why do they exist?

3.3 Their impact on humans/society

3.4 Why removal of street dogs did not work

3.5 Dog Demographics

4 The Solution: Animal Birth Control programme

4.1 Capture and Handling

4.2 Transportation

4.3 Infrastructure

4.4 Key Elements

4.5 Surgery and Associated Procedures

4.6 Handling of street dogs with respect to which complaints of habitual biting or unprovoked aggression are received

4.7 Regulating Dog Breeding and Pet Shops 5 Results of Animal Birth Control 6 Implementation Framework for street dog population management, rabies eradication and reducing man-dog conflict.

7 Suggested Funding Mechanism

8 State Workshops for Capacity Building and Compliance of SC Orders

9 India Case studies

9.1 Haryana

9.2 Jaipur

9.3 Chennai

9.4 Nilgiris

9.5 Mumbai

9.6 Sikkim

9.7 Jamshedpur

10 International Case studies

10.1 Bhutan

10.2 Philippines

10.3 Colombo, Sri Lanka

10.4 Dhaka, Bangladesh

11 References