Before December 2016

Of the many thousands of posts and pictures in the Facebook group, here are some of the best from before December 2016. 

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Posted by Sandip Karan on 15 May 2016:


Around 12.30 at night. I stopped my bike to watch silently this spectacular view from a distance. The rickshaw puller was speaking to his children. “Sorry, my dears,” he said. “I am late. I had to go far away for the passenger – for the money to buy food for you.”

Posted by Bidisha Barman on 18 February 2016:

I always had dog family members growing up… But only after coming to Kolkata and becoming a part of this group, I realised there are so many more things to do for the street dogs.. Through this group, so many of the members have inspired me and amazed me with their knowledge and voluntary work they do for the helpless creatures… Now when I come across a street dog anywhere, rather than just feeding a packet of biscuits, I look for any signs of illness or injury, I enquire the locals if they are fed, and take my vet’s help wherever required…

(Ed. – That is what this group is all about!)

Srijit Ghosh Admin: The Group called Kolkata Street Dogs I know, but some opportunist and irresponsible persons has tried to misuse people’s emotions to promote their own musical bands on this forum.
Subhajit Matilal Musical bands, damn I missed the post.


Posted by Fardeen Hussain‎ on 20 November 2016:


Posted by Debalina Das on 20 November 2016:


আমার পিন্চু— ..1nd hlf yr.age dustbin er dhar theke tule enechilum..takhn or sobe chok futeche…bhalo kre chalteo prtona…r aj uni holen amder barir korta mosai....

Posted by Srabani Banerjee on 21 November 2016:


Ei gablu ta k aj patuli te pelam. Kole na niye r parlam na

Posted by Smita Ray on 25 November 2016, shared from her group called Healing Touch

She was spotted in Madhyamgram station nearly 2 months ago with severe skin ailments. Moreover, she was extremely malnourished and had no appetite at all.
She was regularly fed well and medicines were administered according to doctor’s advice along with vitamins and other necessary supplements.
The 2nd picture shows her present condition. She is a playful girl now and has decided to stay back.

This thread, from 25 November 2016, is the definitive guide to making a real murgi of your fellow group members.

Posted by Soutrik Chatterjee on 28 November 2016

Yesterday I scolded a boy for beating a street dog and then when the boy went away I gave the dog a packet full of biscuits. I stayed until it finished its food and then it looked at me with shining eyes and wagged its tail. I cuddled it on his head. It was wagging its tail as if it was crying “thank you”. Such an awesome feeling.

Posted by Dr Sameer Soni on 29 November 2016


Yes, someone is there who knows you’re hungry…

Posted by Munmun Bagchi Bhattacharya on 29 November 2016


Besh boro hoye gelo miss Bily….. amr barite or aj ,16th day…. Anti rabies vaccine deoya hoye gechhe… bhoyonkor paji hoyechhe khub kamrachhe sobaike…. bonny keu marchhe…… potty korchhe bed e uthe ei ovves ta ki kore paltabo?

Posted by Abhishek Mahato on 29 November 2016


Posted by Priyanjana Pal on 29 November 2016 (a good day for pictures!)


My Dinu, my life 💕

Posted by Srijita Ray on 30 November 2016