By car in Kolkata

Without your own car, it can be really tricky to transport a street dog. Many taxi drivers won’t allow dogs of any kind in their vehicle. Happily, there are some exceptions and alternatives.

K9 Car Service 

A private vehicle hire service for pets and strays using a Swift Dzire and Renault Kwid, run by Sucheta Sinha. Both local and inter-state (same rates, plus the cost of a ‘paravet’ for inter-state).


For strays : Rs10 per km (non ac/ac) plus Rs150 from garage to garage (Bhawanipore)

For pets : Rs12 to Rs18 per km plus Rs250 from garage to garage (Bhawanipore)

Free waiting for 15 minutes, after which Rs100 per half hour (applicable only for pets, not strays)

N.B. Minimum billing is Rs500

Hours: 24/24

Tel: 8017462335

Web: K9 Car Service

Pet Cab service (Manisha Chowdhury)

A private vehicle hire service for pets and strays using an air-conditioned Swift Dzire, launched in April 2017.

Please bring bedding and clothing with you, particularly for animal emergencies.

Rate: Rs25 per km.

Hours: 0600 – 0100 (n.b. 24 hours prior booking required)

Tel: 8697370686


Some taxis – including yellow, white (‘Same Fare’), Uber and Ola – will accept animals, but everything seems to depend on the driver’s discretion. Some drivers will accept an animal with the condition that you clean any hair, etc, so make sure you take something to clean any mess. Some drivers will accept animals for a higher fare. But be aware that many – probably most – won’t accept animals.

28 November 2016: Payal Ghosh In Bangalore, I usually call after the booking and tell them that I’ll be carrying a cloth to cover the seat and ask if they’re ok with the idea… most times I’ve not been told no. (Ed. = I’ve been told yes.)

Here are the numbers of dog-friendly taxi drivers who have been recommended by KSD group members:

  • Rabi bhai Has now reportedly exchanged taxis for trucks.
  • Kaulesh Yadav Tel: 8420679908
  • (Name forgotten): Tel: 80174 38059

Please let us know if you’ve come across a dog-friendly taxi driver – remember to mention his name and phone number.