First aid kit

It’s a great idea to keep a little first aid kit with you. Its size and contents depends on how much you can carry with you, but here are some basics.

  • Some dog treats (helps to bring the dog to you, establish trust, etc)
  • 2 syringes (one to give medication orally, i.e. through the mouth; the other for giving injections if you know how to do that)
  • Cotton wool
  • A roll of gauze (useful for treating injuries or to wrap around the dog’s muzzle for safety)
  • Gauze pads
  • A roll of bandage
  • Micropore tape, or similar (to stick bandages and gauze pads)
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Topicure spray
  • Antiseptic spray or cream (for a dog’s wounds)
  • Antiseptic gel (for you)
  • Tissues
  • Digital thermometer (but only if you’re able and prepared to use it – see below)
  • Petroleum/lubricating gel (for the thermometer)
  • Any medicine advised by your vet – be sure to know when to administer and when not to

Where can I buy these items?

You’ll be able to get most of these items from any pharmacy, or from a pet-friendly pharmacy.

Or you can buy a kit from, for example, Amazon here. Prices for a basic kit start at around Rs650.

How do I take a dog’s temperature?

You may have to muzzle the dog first. Make sure you are safe from the risk of being bitten at all times.

Use a digital thermometer. Prices start from around Rs150.

Ideally, you will have someone to help you do this. One person holds and calms the dog, while the other inserts the thermometer into the dog’s anus. The thermometer must stay in position for up to a minute – read the instructions that come with the thermometer. If possible, do this in a place where people don’t gather round to stare. It will help the dog (and you!) feel more comfortable.

There is a helpful, illustrated tutorial of how to do this here.