First aid

Your own safety always comes first. 

Educate yourself about the risks of caring for dogs on the street.

If you get sick or hurt through through ignorance or carelessness, you will not be able to help the dogs under your protection.

Be sensible. Understand that being reckless through over-enthusiasm doesn’t help the dogs or you.

If you’re in doubt about, say, rabies, do not approach the dog. Call someone who is qualified to come and help you.

Remember that the dogs need you to be fit and healthy.

Lecture complete.

Online   There are many online resources that offer advice and help in an emergency. Some are better than others and most are fairly low level. This covers many first aid topics. And this, on the PFA website, also offers good advice.

Videos  There are some things you can do to educate yourself on first aid for animals. For example, youtube has several videos offering advice and showing what to do in an emergency. Search youtube for what you want, e.g. pet first aid. Unfortunately, most videos are made for an American or European audience, with very few (if any) for the Indian context or specifically for Indian street dogs. Still, you can pick up some useful techniques and knowledge.

Courses   Again, there are several online courses dealing with first aid for pets, but most charge a fee and are developed for Europe or America. Prices typically start at about $30 (c. Rs2,000). It’s unlikely that they will cover subjects such as rabies, how to transport a street dog, or the best type of sandesh in which to hide a Neomec tablet.

Guide to First Aid  Click here. This is a good guide to the main first aid situations, plus what to do and what not to do.

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