List of animal NGOs

Inclusion simply acknowledges existence. Unless stated otherwise, listing does not imply recommendation. The honesty, integrity and/or quality of care of some ‘animal welfare’ NGOs and/or their leaders has sometimes been questioned. Before you get involved with, or donate to, an NGO, please do your own research on it, its fees and its leaders.

Listed alphabetically.

Ambulance service for animals

Tel: 8902494241, 033 2335-8788, 9831064535

Kumar Sanu Gupta 8961000917


Titas Mukherjee

Somak Chatterjee

Tel: 7890535353

In their own words:

“ARC was formed when two animal lovers, having  worked separately for strays since childhood, met and started working to establish a shelter. Today it has members from a range of sectors, from teachers to bankers to doctors, police officers, engineers, artists, business, students and more.

The NGO’s work includes scientific birth control of dogs and cats to reduce their numbers (and their suffering), contributing to the eradication of rabies, and mass vaccination. We also treat animals with small to severe injuries on a regular basis. We have a small shelter with an operating facility, and accommodation for a few animals. We also have one ambulance to pick up of injured animals. We provide online help to animal lovers all across the world.


Tel: 8335045433

In their own words:

“ASHARI stands for Animal Shelter cum Hospital And Research Institute. PFA Kolkata inaugurated this institute on 14th January 2001. The vision was to help and rescue the reportedly ill or wounded stray animals of the city and aid them.

“Ashari has managed with the 4.4 acre space to provide treatment to stray dogs, cats, large animals and birds. Surrounded by lush green trees and a pond, the hospital cum shelter is a pleasant place for working individuals to drop by on their day offs, for parents to teach compassion to their young ones and volunteers to contribute for the benefit of animals.

Ashari with a dedicated animal-loving staff of 20 people and an ambulance van has been responsible for up to a 100 rescues a month. The injured, sick and weak animals are fed and watched after, each day of the week. The animals are released back to their location once they are fit. This cycle of service has been going on for the last 15 years.

The facility currently has an OPD, 90+ rooms (including cages for small animals), Emergency room, a Doctors’ clinic & Visitor’s room. At any given time, the area hosts at least 300 animals.”


Sharda Radhakrishnan

Tel: 9830211138, 9830279138

In their own words:

“Chhaya is an animal sanctuary in Calcutta founded by Sharda Radhakrishnan and Vishakha Doshi, under the aegis of the charitable trust – People for the Respect and Care of Animals (PRCA). Chhaya takes in and cares for injured and neglected animals, providing them full treatment – ensuring that no animal is ever refused help.

Till date (since 2010) Chhaya has treated more than 12,000 animals (including dogs, horses, birds and cattle) and conducted more than 5,000 ABC operations, with a 98% success rate.”


276, B B Ganguly Street, Bowbazar, Kolata 12

Tel: 033 22367738, 033-2863-1255


Lakshmanpur Industrial Estate, Kona, Domjur, Howrah 711114

Tel: 9073442168

On Facebook

In their own words:

“AASTHA is the only veterinary hospital located in HOWRAH, We provide advance veterinary treatment to any kind of animals, AASTHA is a registered NGO UNDER WB SOCIETY ACT. We mainly focus in medically helping all kind of stray animals.”


Chhaya Biswas

Charitable Animal Care Hospital, Sonamukhi, Jagannathpur Police Station Maheshtala, South 24 parganas, Kolkata.

Tel: 033-24881222, 9433075715, 9830037693

In their own words:

“The organisation has one fully equipped hospital cum animal shelter; It is situated at Jagannathpur under P.S. Maheshtala i.e. “Chhaya Biswas Charitable Animal Care Hospital”. This four storied hospital serves the entire Kolkata and 24 Parganas South. The organisation is now expanding one more hospital for large animals in the same area. Also it is constructing one cat park where abandoned cats will get free space to play… There are at present 9 executive members, all of whom are eminent female personalities of the city, in addition to a number of volunteers.”



Tel: 9831476415

In their own words:

“Mother’s Heart was started in December 2002 and is a registered society. MH works for the betterment of stray animal lives in and around Kolkata. We are affiliated with the State Animal Welfare Board of West Bengal and registered with the Animal Welfare Board of India. Our main target is to eradicate rabies and reduce the number of unwanted stray animals on the road, which is done through scientific Birth Control operations and vaccination campaigns. We hope all animals can live a life of dignity. In addition to these campaigns, we also treat small animals that have been injured in road accidents or are suffering from other health issues. Along with spaying and ARV vaccinations, we concentrate on awareness campaigns, especially for children and young people. Our animal shelter/clinic is located in Sarsuna, Kolkata. We are excited about the completion of construction for our new shelter home in Thakurpukur, scheduled to open by the end of 2015.”


Village: Samali, P.O.: Nahazari, P.S.: Bishnupur,
District: South 24 Parganas

Tel: 033 24959148, 033 24798591, 9830284992, 8013523095, 9831385640

In their own words:

“NBKS has provided a part of lands for setting up a burial ground for the loving animals and birds with an endeavour to provide mental peace to the animal and pet lovers, who visit here and bury their fond pets under the dense shades of the trees. Subsequently, 1st May, 2007 we established shelter house, named ‘Bhalo-Basha’ for the helpless animals, which, we believe, would be a source of joy and satisfaction to all animal lovers.”


Yogita Kichlu

Tel: 9830250186

In their own words:


Sonata Foundation Calcutta
Rajarhat, Newtown, Kolkata

Tel: 8902494241

In their own words:

“Shelter for Animals at New Town, Rajarhat. The Shelter is a green oasis within the concrete jungle of the satellite township. Some 16-odd cows and about 55 dogs and sometimes a goat or two can be seen in varying postures around the place, well taken care of among verdant surroundings. “The dogs are mostly strays or those abandoned by their owners. We have picked them up from different locations in Salt lake or New Town either dying of starvation, dehydration or of some illness”, says Sonata’s founder, Mr Prannoy Dutta. Most of the dogs are kept in spacious kennels, bathed, fed and taken care of by volunteers – some of whom stay on the premises. “We allow the gentler of the dogs to roam free in the compound but we are compelled to keep most of them in kennels to protect our visitors from both their exuberance and sometimes aggression.” The cows at the shelter are mostly those who have been hit and injured by speeding vehicles on the Rajarhat Expressway. Sonata Foundation started a project with Bidhannagar Police to help these hapless animals. “The owners don’t want an injured or dying cow. They are unable to afford the treatment and most of the time these accident victims end up losing one limb or two. Such animals are often of no use to the owners. Most of these died on the road – often lying there unattended for days , bleeding to death.” The Sonata Foundation’s Shelter for Animals was set up in 2007 to help these animals. “We bring these injured animals to the Shelter and take care of them. We have a vet on call 24×7, an ambulance to transport the animals and volunteers to bath and feed them”, says Mr Dutta. There is a helpline no. 8902494241 which the people can call to help animals which are victims of hit and run or which are lying abandoned by the wayside dying of hunger, thirst or lack of medical attention.”