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Of the many thousands of posts and pictures in the Facebook group, here are some of the best from December 2016. 

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Posted by Dipankar Majumdar on 1 December 2016


Feeding my sweet Bang(frog) (Ed. – Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a canine can…)

Posted by Taniya Paul on 1 December 2016


I don’t know him..# he don’t know me…# suddenly he came on my lap..# knocked the car door…# gave his unconditional love..# wet nose # wagging tail..# it was really wonderful…I wish if they could speak…love you all my babies

Posted by Chobi Walla on 1 December 2016


Laltu in sleeping mode………….. (Ed. – what a photo!!)

Posted by Rahul Mehrotra on 2 December 2016


Rahul Mehrotra No words for caption


Suman Narayan Das Jara obola prani der mare tadr esob dekhe sekha uchit. Salute thakumaaaa

Subroto Basu Truly I’m speechless. My respect and love.

Vasu Addanki Grand ma bless us all to treat all pets like you

Ed. – Pic of the day. And of many other days.

Posted by Sukanya Dey on 2 December 2016


Sukanya Dey We were on the way from Puri to Kolkata by car. At halt at Maitapur a place between Bhadrak n Balasore. A small restaurant surrounded by big trees. We were resting while my 11 yrs old daughter picked up a tiny kid on her lap. I, sometimes get angry with her over activity towards animal rescue. This time before i say something she came to me indicating one eye of the kid. With all my surprise i found one of the eyeball has completely came out from eye hole. I knew that leaving him behind in this condition means we r throwing him in a death tunnel. After talking to the goat owner we convinced him to handover the kid in exchange of Rs100/-. Only one concern he/she is only few days old. What to feed him???

Kakoli Bose Das I am just too too too proud of your daughter! God bless her! Goats can become such precious pets.

Posted by Supriyo Karmakar on 2 December 2016


Supriyo Karmakar “80% of her body was covered in mange. Found her in the road eating some road kill. The vet suggested just putting her down. But my mother is not one to give up.”

9 years later, she’s still going strong.

Posted by Sanjeeb Banerjee on 3 December 2016


Sanjeeb Banerjee Invitation card টা ওকে দেওয়া হয়নি,সেই অপমানের বদলাটা নিলো একদম সুদে আসলে…

Posted by Arpita Ratri Riya on 3 December 2016


Posted by Parthapratim Chakraborty on 3 December 2016

Parthprathim Chakraborty.jpg

3 Musketeers… Pic courtesy Debanjan Mukherjee my little bro

Posted by Sandip Karan on 3 December 2016


Sandip Karan G.O.O.D …B.Y.E .. M.A.M.A ..!

The Universal Mother “DODO”, who saved many puppies life as a Foster Mother, at the age of 19+, has expired in our Hospital !

The Mama didn’t give us any trouble till her last breath. Our heart broke when we understood Mama was going to leave us ! We prayed for her painless journey !

She is our Symbol – Symbol of Friendship.

W.E .. M.I.S.S .. Y.O.U .. M.A.M.A …………..

Posted by Ayan Mukherjee on 4 December 2016


Posted by Abhishek Mahato on 8 December 2016


Posted by Natasha Chakraborty on 11 December 2016

Okay, so I haven’t really promoted my Labrador group in a long time, and as many people here seems to wonder where to post their about Labs, so here we go: a group exclusively for Labradors.

Tom Woodhatch Natasha, what do you do when/if someone posts a picture of a street dog?

Natasha Chakraborty facebook groups aren’t democratic. it’s admin empire. i couldn’t care less about offending anybody by deleting posts.

Posted by Pritha Roy on 13 December 2016

Pritha Roy I know the people here, in this group are sympathetic towards animals. So, I dare to make a request to you. Do watch the video and pls pls pls do give a missed call on the mentioned number.

Posted on 18 December 2016

Rupam Aurthohin Rup Ager yr er Dog show er kichu pic upld korlam.keou jodi interested thake thako/thaken Tara ai yr o name entry korate paro/paren.

Ritupriya Chakravorty AnishIs there any category for disobedience? Then my baby will be getting the 1st prize…

Posted by Dibyadeep Chatterjee on 20 December 2016

12 years back, a school boy found a severely injured puppy in the road side drain while returning from school. He saw, few ferocious adult dogs are hitting the pupp and it’s about to die. He immediately stopped by the puppy, drived the adults dogs out and pulled it from the drain. It was all the pupp’s thick blood mixed with the stinking mud and the dirty drain water on all over the little body. The puppy even lost the power to screem. It was shivering like anything .

Then the boy suddenly thought, he has done his duty. Now, he should leave the place otherwise he is becoming weak to that little creature. He started moving off but few minutes later after cycling, the guy felt like crying. He realised, what he has done was not a ‘duty’ at all.
He turned his handle of the cycle and started rushing to the puppy. When the puppy came into his surveillance, he saw it’s not moving at all and lying at the same place where he has been rescued.

The boy immediately tried to understand if it’s alive or not but fortunately it was alive then. Without a second thought, he placed the puppy in the basket of his cycle and brought it home and started treating. On the next day, he brought it to the nearby veterinary clinic and after a series of treatments (he even was diagnosed with fracture #) the puppy responded well in the process of healing.

Then the puppy’s next fight started. It was ‘acceptance inside home’. Parents of that boy was supportive in the beginning but soon it was healed up, they didn’t want the puppy to stay inside home. They made a shelter in the campus outside the building. It was placed there but the puppy started scratching the doors at night, howling and crying like anything just to be an inhouse member and finally it made its existence inside the heart of the each member of the family.

Now, after 12 years… The puppy who is now a mature healthy dog has become the soul of the family and people who opposed for his staying inside the house initially , now don’t get sleep without him on bed.














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